Earlier this year, Bill and I received, from a Canadian customer, two picture books of the Yukon. We were so impressed with his thoughtfulness and his desire to share the beauty of his home with us that we think you should know about it too. Robbie MacKay, our new friend, and I spoke briefly on the phone about how very protective the locals are of the land, and it is understandable why. Just check out the photo below of the Five Finger Rapids, part of the Yukon River, taken from the book, Yukon Refelections by Wayne Towriss:

( By the way, I found a bookmark from Mac's Fireweed Books in one of the books Robbie sent. Here's their website address if interested in finding out more about them - www.yukonbooks.com)

A couple of months later, another Canadian customer sends us a thank-you note along with two magazines. The name of the magazine is "UpHere: Life at the Top of the World" which is about - guess what! - Northern Canada and its people, wildlife and land. Cooper Langford, our newest Canadian friend, happens to be the editor of the magazine too. I'd like you to see the cover of the March 2001 issue:


This cover was especially inviting to Bill as he, being the consummate German, needs bread as much as he needs air. And I also found out reading in the January/February issue that Mac's Fireweed Books is a very popular hang-out for the Whitehorse reading crowd. Small world, huh!

Be sure to check out UpHere's website too, and say hello to Cooper for Bill and me - www.uphere.ca.

After studying the books Robbie gave to us and reading Cooper's magazines, I now get the message -- the generous spirits of the Northern Canadian people are linked to their magical land. Being from the southern part of the US, I've always thought of myself as a warm weather person, but after meeting Robbie, Cooper and others like them, I'm beginning to realize that some of the warmest people live in the coldest parts of the world!