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Becky's "Christmas Bear" Wish

I recently watched the most incredible show on PBS about two newborn polar bear babies who were raised by humans. I was totally blown away and still am today. (Here's the link to the video, if interested. But beware, watching it may change your life! -

Snow and Klondike, twin polar bears, were born in 1994 and raised their first year by the staff at the Denver Zoo whose uncommon dedication and skill saved Denver's own "bear babies". This was no ordinary feat. It required a nonstop labor of love by the zoo's staff to care for these orphaned polar bears. Due to the staff's intense, positive energy and the many citizens of Denver cheering them on, the bears, to everyone's amazement, survived. The zoo's achievement brought them and the city international acclaim. Unfortunately, because of the zoo's space constraints at that time, it sadly demanded that they share their babies with SeaWorld. ( Read about how the birth of the bears coincided with the opening of the new Artic section of SeaWorld in 1995. )

Today, the Denver Zoo is more sophisticated which, I think, was helped quite a bit by Snow and Klondike story's as it brought them the necessary attention and a deserved appreciation to obtain additional funding (as seen by the zoo's current developments - )

For the past seven years, millions of people from all over the world have been able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of these two adorable "hand-raised" bears growing up at SeaWorld - However today, Snow and Klondike are eight years old -- adult polar bears who look like any other adult polar bear. The newness of the bears is over.

As any parent who has raised a child, for example, when you look at your aging middle-age son who is slightly balding, others may see just another balding middle-aged man, but a Mother remembers that little sweet baby whom she nursed and cuddled and protected. There is no other animal on this earth like a human Mother who has that lingering soft spot in her heart for her young.

Snow and Klondike may look like average adult polar bears, but they're definitely not! When they were babies, the human scent to them meant "Mother and Life." I bet that to the loving staff at the Denver Zoo ( the bear's "Mothers") and the Denver residents ( the bear's "family" who disagreed vehemently to move the bears to SeaWorld! ), when they see Snow and Klondike again, in their minds the image of those sweet, fluffy white baby bears who they nurtured, loved and cherished as their own is still alive.

Christmas is approaching, and Klondike and Snow's story embody the meaning of Christmas - compassion for all living beings, giving and sharing with loved ones and the world; and most importantly, unconditional love.

It is my Christmas wish that Snow and Klondike be returned to their rightful home - the Denver Zoo.

It's not a critique of Seaworld. I'm sure that the bear's basic needs are cared for there. But they can receive excellent care at the Denver Zoo with that added edge which makes life “bearable” -- love. Even at a distance, Snow and Klondike will feel the protective and positive energy from the zoo's staff and the city's natives who nurtured and cheered them on back in the 90s.

The Denver Zoo took the challenge to save two infant bear's lives eight years ago. For seven years, they brought in and entertained millions of people at SeaWorld. Now it's time for Klondike and Snow to retire and come back home to Denver. There is an old saying which goes something like this, "When you save someone’s life, you are responsible for them forever." This can apply to bears too.

Please join me to help make Klondike and Snow's special homecoming day at the Denver Zoo a reality. I am only one voice, but together, we can be heard and quite loudly.

I've never been to Denver, but I'll make a promise: the day that the Denver Zoo opens their doors to a “Welcome Back Home Party” for Denver's own "Christmas Bears" Klondike and Snow I'll be one of the first in line with a tear on my cheek and a smile in my heart.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Men ( and Bears too!)