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New!! Are you a Giver? Courtney is! ( Here's Courtney who flew into California from Manhattan to help Bill n Becky at their Namm booth in January 2008!) Also, she is volunteering at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City working with sick children who have cancer. Courtney told me about a program where the children can chart their treatment by making beaded necklaces and bracelets. Each bead stands for a particular part of their program to help cure their cancer. Courtney was informed that the main benefactor is a woman whose child she lost to cancer, but she saw how much pleasure this activity gave to her child while undergoing treatment at Mt. Sinai. Instead of becoming bitter about her terrible loss, this woman makes sure that other children, who are suffering with cancer and fighting it the best they can, will appreciate the same joy and sense of accomplishment her child gained from this simple activity. This nameless, faceless woman is my hero -- and so is Courtney! (Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring the curing effect of music to these children... I'm open to suggestions from you folks living in NYC!)

New! WSME 1120AM Radio for All American classic country and bluegrass music. You can check out our family pickup maker Shannon, who made many pickups for you over the years, as either their radio weather girl or doing commercials. Also, Join Shannon live at her early morning talk show Monday-Friday beginning at 7:30AM Eastern Standard Time! How wonderful that a small radio station in Jacksonville, North Carolina can achieve an international audience with online streaming!

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Duke Danger
Meet our good friend Duke. He's the one who can take credit that he started this whole Bill n' Becky thing -- Duke brought Bill to me in Marietta, Georgia. I guess you could say he was our matchmaker. Bill and Duke met years earlier through a mutual friend - the incredible Jerry Lee Lewis! Not only is Duke a great guy, he's a mighty fine musician too. Just this year in 2007, he received numerous Grammy Award nominations for "If It Ain't One Thing It's Another", and there's a sound clip posted on his website too. Duke is currently living in the Netherlands and is married to the lovely Karna. When you contact Duke, be sure to let him know that Bill n' Becky said "Howdy" from the USA!

Warwick & Framus
Here are two websites that are a must-see! The history between Bill and Framus is well-established. Fred Wilfer, who started Framus in the late 40's, was a great influence to Bill. Their friendship extends today with Fred's son, Hans Peter Wilfer, who successfully runs both Warwick and Framus.

F.I.B ( Fender Info-Base) -- one of the most happening gathering places on the Internet for guitar talk. Bill and I have our own corner there called the Bill Lawrence Wilde-Gate, courtesy of nocaster. Visit with nocaster, Bill Lawrence The Bull-Fighter and all our Wilde Friends!

The Steel Guitar Forum -- thank you b0b for letting the world know that
playing steel guitar is a cool thing to do.

Visit our friends at the TDPRI for Pure Tele Talk and More!

Also, a regular writer at the tdpri is Terry Downs. Bill is very impressed with his knowledge which he shares at the forum and on his website. http://www.terrydownsmusic.com/

The Fender Discussion Page -- for all us Fender Lovers.

Fender Musical Instruments & Gibson Guitar Corporation

Talk Bass -- check it out and say hello to Rob Murphy!

Official Website of Bassist/Producer Roscoe Beck -- a great guy
and a fine player too.

Paul Franklin: Master of the Pedal Steel -- Steel guitar...beyond the horizon!

We're always looking for exciting places to check out and add to our list. If you know of one, please e-mail us at- becky@billlawrence.com Thanks!

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