October 20, 2003

When we introduced the L-450, my idea was to bring a full range program, ranging from 1.6 Henry to 6.4 Henry. Becky and I had long discussions about this approach, and to avoid confusion and lengthy explanations with our customers, we decided to introduce the L-465. We chose to maintain the L-450ís in the lower inductance range (1.6H, 2.4H and 3.6H) used in guitars with 250K controls, while the L-465 would be offered in the higher inductance range (3.6H, 4.8H and 6.4H), used in guitars with 500K controls. However, many preferred the L-465 pickups with 250K controls too. Besides, customers wanted the full range of both the L-450ís and the L-465ís. These programs finally became unmanageable so we decided to discontinue the L-465 since the L-450 is more versatile and can do everything the L-465 can do but not vice versa.

A perfectly made pickup has no sound of its own. Compare it to a clear glass of water. If you want color, select any color you like, as long as you start with clear water, because if you start with a glass of brown water, your color choices are very limited. As you can add color to clear water, use a pickup that is free of internal flaws, and you can "colorize" it the way you like by adjusting your amplifier, changing the value of the controls, or adding capacitors, resistors and inductors to the wiring.

The L-465 and the L-450 each have 5 spacings, 3 colors (black, white and cream covers) and 5 inductances, resulting in 150 different pickup options. The L-450 also includes the traditional open coil appearance with 2 spacings, 3 color variations (black, white, zebra (black/white) and 5 different inductances (30 pickup options.) Our current L-450 program offers you a total of 105 different pickup choices!

Regarding PAF's, itís a pickup that is good for one sound. My discontinued L-465 was not a PAF as some may have thought. Our L-450 and the L-465 can, not only reproduce the tone of a PAF but with simple adjustments, offer you a much wider variety of sounds.

I donít believe in one trick ponies. My pickups bring the full color spectrum because:

Versatility is the most important quality in ALL my pickups.