The L-280, L-200, L-290 and L-298 AirGap Noisefree™ Single sized Pickups

UPDATE - October 2005

My First Commandment as a Pickup Designer is, "Thy Pickup Shall Not Hum!" To continue in this tradition, I decided to add two new additions in our Noisefree Singles Program........

#1. Our Classic L-280 is probably the most versatile pickup and functions well in most guitars and with most amps. Using different height adjustments and an assortment of amp settings, the L-280 can reproduce a wide range of sounds, especially if the player uses a variety of right hand techniques.

#2. The "NEW" L-200 is quite different. While the L-280 reproduces a very linear harmonic spectrum, the L-200, with some dips in the lower midrange and some nice peaks in the upper midrange, gives you a more "Stratty" sound without losing that certain sweetness.

#3. Finally.... the"NEW" L-298 is "The Working Horse of our Noisefree Singles". It performs at its best in the lead position where you need rich lows, combined with a good amount of bite, without getting muddy or harsh. The L-298, in combination with our Q-Filter, can give you the widest variety of different sounds, ranging from Ultra-Sweet to High Power Performance!

The L-280S -- L-200S -- L-298S - either N/M/L
The L-290S - Lead position only
Available in white, black and cream covers


The L-280TN ( Neck)

The L-200TL / The L-290TL / The L-298TL ( Lead)
Available in black only

$40.00 for one L-280S / L-290S / L-200S /L-280TN
$48.00 for one L-200TL / L-290TL/ L-298S
$56.00 for the L-298TL
Click here to read about Bill's "Tempered Pole Piece Spacing"

The L-280

The L-280 is for players that love the beautiful rich sound of a traditional single coil pickup without the tormenting 60 cycle hum -- but that's not all. What seems to be a tame, sweet pussycat at lower volume levels turns into a wilde beast when you turn up your amp! Remember, high-volume players, like Jimi Hendrix and Roy Buchanan, did not use so-called "power pickups."

The L-280's low magnetic attraction allows your guitar its full, natural sustain --even if you adjust them very close to the strings -- to enjoy their maximum performance! They easily compete in tone and in output with the finest single coil pic
kups ever... the L-280S - MY personal choice.


The L-290SL

The L-290 Series brings our noisefree technology to players who prefer a higher output. It has the same basic features as the L-280 but trades off some of the traditional upper harmonic sparkle for a more pronounced midrange response, similar to a "soapbar" single coil pickup.

The L-290T family includes two options for the bridge pickup - the TL and the TL-E: the L-290TL is similar to our L-280TL with more output, less highs while retaining some of that traditional edge. For the "Early" 50s flavor, go with our L-290TL-E. It delivers even more output and is ideal when used in combination with our Q-Filter for a versatile one-pickup guitar.

All L-290 models blend and balance well with each other and in various combinations with the L-280. In fact, my personal American Standard Tele is equipped with an L-280TN and an L-290TL.