Check out this writing by Fender's Vice President of R&D Dan Smith!!



Last year, at the 2004 January Namm Show, Bill's latest creation, named by
Fender the "SCN" pickups, was introduced on their expensive, USA made American Deluxe Guitars and the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Strats. Since then, with the power of Fender's marketing, the world has gotten a great big taste of what is means to play a "Bill Lawrence Pickup." Bill's loyal fan base always knew what it meant. Their word of mouth advertising for his pickups has slowly, steadily and strongly spread the word about Bill, his knowledge and his work via the Internet for the past nine years. Today, with the introduction of the SCN's and their tremendous success, there is a growing curiosity about Bill and an ever larger demand for Bill's pickups. There are some folks who can now proudly say, "See, I told you so!"

I tell people that there is something very special in all of Bill's pickups, past and present. You can look and look, measure the pickup inside and out, but you won't find it.....because it's not what you can see. Aside from the very important design factors which Bill is the master, the real test is in the hands. ** How a product is made is the secret!** There is an excellent word for this phenomenon. It's called good old- fashion Craftsmanship! And either our pickups made in our small Corona California workshop by family or made by the larger Fender SCN pickup team, the world can truely experience what is a "Bill Lawrence Product!"

Here's an excellent e-mail from someone who purchased an American Deluxe Tele. Enjoy!


I have been a Fender devotee all my life. I just purchased an American Deluxe Tele with the new SCN pickups, and wanted to write you to thank you. They are the finest, quietest pickups I have ever heard on a Tele, what a technological leap forward!

I have heard that the new neodymium magnets being used in speakers have a relatively short lifespan before they loss their magnetism and need to be remagnetized. As is always the case when I heard such news from musicians, I remain skeptical until someone who knows what they are talking about sets me straight. Is this true of neodymium magnets, and if so, is this also true for the Samarium Cobalt magnets in the Tele?

Sincerely, N. Miller
Cape Girardeau, MO

Neil, Here's a response from Bill for you. I know that it's a little long delayed, but Bill, with Fender, just filed for the patent last month, and I expect you'll see more written about the SCN's from Bill since that is now completed. Btw, I'm going to post your e-mail on our website with Bill's response for everyone to read. (I'll abbreviate your name for security reasons and won't use the e-mail address either.) Thanks so much for letting us know how much you are enjoying your new Fender guitar with Bill's current pickup design! Sincerely, Becky

Hi Neil, Thanks for your e-mail. I enjoy reading the responses from our customers, especially when there are some questions. ( There is always someone who doesn't believe in real progress and spreads rumors without foundation. )

Here is information in regards to your question:

Both Neodymium and SnCo5 magnets have more than 10 times the stability of Alnico 5 magnets as long as they are not exposed to extensive heat. Neodymium is much more sensitive to heat than than SN-Co5 and starts losing its magnetic intensity at about 200 degrees Farenheit. Sn-Co5 can take about 350 degrees without any permanent damage. ( Btw, there is lately some development on Neodymium that is less sensitive to heat.)

Neodymium magnets have another problem. Due to their high contents of Iron, they are very sensitive to humidity and rust extremely fast and deteriorate. This can be avoided with heavy nickel-plating. Sn-Co5 does not rust.

Before I decided to use Sn-Co5 magnets, I completed an eight month research and test program to be sure that there is nothing better or more reliable.

If you need more information, just give me a call. Our toll-free number is 877-647-2651.


And here's N. Miller's response!

Dear Becky and Bill,

Thank you for replying to my e-mail. This information is greatly appreciated. I liked my 2004 American Deluxe Tele so much that I purchased the 50th Anniversary 2004 American Deluxe Strat. My impression is that the SCN pickups on the Strat, once the height and poles were properly adjusted, deliver as, and possibly even more, historically accurate strat sounds than the tele sounds delivered by the Tele's SCN pickups. However, my opinion shifts back and forth depending on which guitar I'm favoring that day or week.