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Hi. I've been a reader of the TDPRI for a little while now because I love getting all
kinds of information about guitars and teles and everything related. Your posts have
been the most educational things I've ever read on a web-community like that, and I
just wanted to send a note to let you know that I appreciate it. I studied engineering for
two years, so the science you describe is not over my head at all and always explains
things I've wondered about. I just wish that you weren't able to logically defeat the use
of metal pickup covers, I love the look!

I've never quite gotten the sound from my tele that I wanted and have considered re-
placing the pickups, I just never knew what to get. Then I read the notes on your page
about pickup height and adjusted my pickups at the next chance. The difference is small,
but incredible. I'm no ace player, so everytime I start to embark on another project I
feel like I shouldn't be worrying about my sound so much. Now I've got a sound that gets
me closer to what I really want, and now I can probably wait until I'm a better player
(with a better ear!) until I start concentrating on my gear again.
All best,

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence,
Thank you for a great product. I just installed your L-500XL and L-250HP in my
brother's guitar. The tone is incredible. Great bite and "sparkle" in the high end
with a super low end. We both own the same model of guitar so I decided to do an
A/B test. I installed various models from Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, EMG, and
Carvin in my guitar and compared them to the Lawrences in his guitar. We both
agreed your pickups sounded the best. Don't get me wrong. The other pickups
sounded very good too, but yours have a little something extra, a certain "feel"
to them that is great.
Thanks again.



My topic post on TDPRI ...
Posted by stratNtele on September 27, 2000 at 20:16:11:

Finally got to finishing and setting up the newly assembled Warmoth Strat (hollow cham-
bered ash body w/flame cap, modern vintage flame maple neck, Gotoh twin post trem) and
wired in a set of L280's onto the white pearl pickguard. Plugged into the '65 Princeton ...
whoa! holy moly! GREAT tone! Having owned a set of Kinman's on my last Strat, I've
gotta say these L280's are just as fantastic, if not better! And no noise, too! And for
$125/set delivered, that sure beats $260/set delivered (Kinman's). I just ordered the L280 Tele set for the new korina Tele Thinline for $85 all up. Bill Lawrence, you da pickup man!
Yeeha! Rob.



Dear Bill,
I just want to say thank you for producing such a quality pickup as the ones I just recently
purchaced for my Tele.....280's if I remember right.... Anyway, these pickups are every-
thing you said they'd be....and more!!! I'm extreemly impressed with the way they handle
the string moving across the pickup on an extreem bend...WITHOUT DECAYING
THE NOTE!!!! Also, the silence that hummbuckers only dream about. The quality of the
sound produced.... Suffice to say...WOW!!!!! I LOVE 'EM! Keep up the good work.
B. Louvat


Hi, My name is Clark from Massachusetts. I had a 500xl in the eighties, where I grew
up listening to Van Halen. I got the idea from Nuno Bettencourt, who lived a couple of
towns away. I started playing guitar again recently, after not playing for about 7 years.
I now collect Charvel Jackson American guitars from the eighties. I just ordered the
500 xl from you, and now remembered why I liked it so much in the first place.I just
want to say that while most pickups don't sound that much different...that 500xl absolutely
smokes anything I have ever heard! I could tell right away....it almost sounds to me like
I am playing with a wah just barley cracked open....very fat! I just wanted to say that I will be ordering more for all of my guitars, and thanks for a fat warm sounding pickup.


Hi Bill, I hope this message will get to Bill, although it certainly pertains to "Bill Lawrence, the Company" as well as "Bill Lawrence, the Person". I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time we spent on the phone today. I called hoping I could get some questions about Lawrence steel guitar pickups answered straight "from the source". I have to tell you that aside from practice time and playing gigs, this was the best time I've spent as a steel player. I hope you came away from the conversation feeling as though he'd talked to a "player". I'm just an average steel player, but I am a "player" not a gear head. Aside from wanting to have good quality, durable equipment, my personal feeling is that the best thing I can do for myself as a musician is play my instrument and tweek at little things like my amp settings and my guitar, so that I can bring out the best sound I can possibly make. I don't think a huge investment in a big rack system or spending thousands of dollars buying every different guitar I can find will make that kind of difference for me. Whether it's on stage with a band, in the studio, or in my practice room, I just want to sound the way I want to sound so I'll play confidently and enthusiastically. I got the idea from our conversation that we think alike in this regard, and I am pleased that we had a chance to connect on this issue. I'll be looking forward to getting a Lawrence 910 "sweet" pickup for the E9 neck of my Fessenden steel. Thanks again for your time and the wonderfully informative conversation.



hello becky and bill! i bought a pair of what bill described as sidewinder pickups recently and i realley like them.what an improvement over what came stock,in my heritage 535.could you supply me with details about them.they are humbuckers arn't they?or are they single coils? are they similar to gibsons p94,a single coil in a humbucker body?any info would help,as i'm curious and friends who have played them are also.may i also say how pleasent it was to do business w/you.you were both so helpful and patient! have a great 2000!! a new satisfied loyal customer,


Hi Bill & Becky!!....thank you , thank you , THANK YOU!!!....My visit with you folks made me feel "right at home"!...furthermore it truly was an Honor to listen to Bill PLAY!!!...Well, to the pick-ups / BRAVO!!!....The pick-ups are BETTER than I had expected!....TRULY!....I'll be installing your outstanding pickups in ALL of my guitars from now on!....Sincerily Frank...


Thanks for the card you sent with the pickups I ordered. It's nice to know someone backs their product and cares about their customers. I had no probem installing the pickups. They work great!
Thanks- J. Wholey


Bill and Becky---I wanted to thank you for this article.
(OHMS, OHMS, OHMS by Bill Lawrence) I have a friend who has a small pickup company, and he, like so many others, still goes by the old "resistance equals output" nonsense. I have tried to tell him that that doesn't hold water, but he won't listen. Oh, well...Some folks just can't be bothered with the truth! Keep up the good work, and I'm going to tell my friend about this article. Maybe he can be swayed from the "dark side"!! M. Richardson


Again I am blown away by your handiwork. We installed the L-280N pickup into my housemate's Telecaster and it sounds so good the standard bridge pickup sounds BROKEN in comparison. Thanks again, I am proud to say I have bought 6 pickups from you this year and you've never let me down. I'll continue to spread the word as well.

Dear Bill,

The 280's were in my mailbox when I got home from work Tuesday and I put them in right away.(Becky- you were right about how easy it would be, this was the first time I've ever done anything like this and it was a snap.)I can't believe my ears. I don't have a fancy Telecaster; it's a MIM standard, and it sounds FANTASTIC now.

I've read some of the testimonials that you have on your website and can't really add anything, but honestly, I had no idea what a difference these would make. It's brighter, snappier, more substantial and full sounding and growls like hell when I turn up that little Vibro Champ. You are a magician. Hey! I sound better! Thank you so much for your efforts and obvious dedication. I really love to play and I love these pickups.

Bruce H.


Hi Becky,

Yes, I got my 910's , I put them in my Zum and I LOVE them !!!!! Wonderful string separation and clear tone. Thanks for making such a great sounding pick up.
Richard C.


Greetings Bill & Becky,

Thank you so much for those FABULOUS special L450 pickups for my new Jazzmaster! They're *PERFECT*!!! Thanx, too, for the LCR tone filter - another amazing Bill Lawrence device!!! Below is a reply I just posted at the TDPRI forum - I thought I'd share it with you folks. Very much obliged for all your assistance,

"The Amazing Bill Lawrence"

Weeks ago I chatted with Bill about getting a pair of pups for a hybrid hardtail Jazzmaster I was assembling. I used his L490's in a previous Tele I assembled and thought they'd be perfect (which they surely would have been) but I was looking for white pickups and L490's are only produced in black sealed cases. I was looking for an alternative dual coil sized pickup, in a white case, that would exhibit the biting treble of Bill's L490 or L280 series - great "Class A" single coil tone and totally noiseless. Bill made me a set of L450's, but totally reworked them using an old set of his spex spex from decades ago. They look just like L450's (dual white coils) but that's the ONLY thing they have in common with a true humbucker. I won't even publish the pickup's resistance or inductance, I doubt anyone would believe me and I surely don't care - the TONE is all I care about with a pickup. They arrived late last week - each pickup's rear cover was signed by Bill, marked as "#1 - for Rob". I installed them this past Friday and WOW!, the tone is *pure* single coil, somewhat like a Tele L280T. I used standard 500k volume and tone pots, with a .022uf tone cap. When the tone is rolled, I get a honking, nearly out of phase bluesy tone that just drips with twang - not a muddy, treble killed bassy tone. I'm totally impressed - and so are two buds who dropped over last night to jam and heard the little JM beastie roar! A few days ago, Bill sent me one of his "LCR" filters, gratis. It's an amazing little package that's about the size of two AA batteries and yields a super smooth, "woody" kinda tone to his L280 pups. My constant "Don Quixote quest" for pickups is totally over - whatever "engines" I need to power the gits I assemble will strictly come from Bill Lawrence. Superb quality tone and build, at incredible prices and the best of service. And Bill's a great fella to boot!


Hi Bill & Becky --

My name is Tim (Hi Tim) and I have become Lawrence-dependent. Love love love them. I replaced my 86 mij strat pu's with the 280s. The mij pu's actually had a really nice full tone that I was happy with except for the 60 cycle buzz. Then I tried these. I ordered a set from Becky (who was great in helping me choose the right set for my style and gear and a pleasure to deal with.), received them in 6 days ( nice packaging and the leads were stripped,and ready to go), and gigged with them two days after. Awesome! Big sweet woody tones! No hum! Even though I was playing very close to stage lighting. Mine don't line up perfectly with the strings but they are closer than standard single coils. The lower strength magnets really do allow for a wide variety of tones to play with and amplify the instruments natural sonics instead of trying to mask or hide them. They respond much better to higher gain situations, they hold definition and don't mush out.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
Tim L.



Dear Bill and Becky,

I can't thank you enough for the 280-T pickups. I managed to install them in my Telecaster just in time for my band's show on Saturday night, and I was incredibly happy with them once we got on stage. The bottom end has more clarity than either the old Fender pickups I removed or the MFD's in my G&L ASAT, and the neck and bridge pickups are a perfect match: both are so versatile, and the blended tone of the two is so distinct, that I found myself switching around all night. The high end is never brittle, the sustain is impressive, they're very quiet, and they're wonderfully sensitive to changes in picking... I really can't think of a single complaint. Thanks again for the great service. I'll be sure to refer others to you, and I'll be sure to check out your products first when I'm looking for things in the future. Philip M. Athens, GA

Hello Lawrences! (Becky and Bill),

I'd like to thank you both very much for the wonderful and outstanding job you guys did on sending me my order. I absolutely adore the L-280s (and L+ bridge) pickups. The most outstanding set of pickups i've run across. Your extremely warm attitude and considerate personalities were more than wonderful over the course of my handful of phone calls to you guys. Thank you for being such a wonderful business entity and a superb group of people. Thank you very much for the hand drawn (i couldn't believe it was hand drawn and not copied) wiring diagrams and the nifty postcard of Bill. It was such a pleasure buying these off of you.

Wish you both all the best in your future endeavors!

Play on,

D. Fung


Hi Bill and Becky:

I am just writing to let you know how much I appreciate the 280 set I recently installed into my 1990 MIM Fender strat. I've been struggling with strat tones for close to 20 years, and after hearing glowing reviews about your pickups on the Fender Discussion Page, I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about. After installing the set of 280s, my immediate reaction was shock. "Where did the noise go?" Then, after playing for a while, I noticed a decrease in the high frequency spike associated with the bridge and middle pickup tones of a typical single coil strat. Alarmed that I had lost some strat "sparkle" as a trade off for the noiseless operation of the pickup, it took a while to realize that after some very minor amp and pickup height adjustments, not only could I retain the sparkle I thought I lost, but it was a broader, more balanced high end than ever before. And with more sustain and complexity!

Thanks for creating such a dynamic and sweet-sounding noiseless single coil pickup. And for keeping the small company mentality and customer service alive in this age of automated answering systems and cold treatment.

P. Watson


Last night I sat down for a couple of hours and replaced the stock pickups on a Mexican Tele with your 280's. The installation went easily (all very elementary wiring- in fact, it gave me a chance to clean up the sloppy factory soldering!) and very soon I was connecting up to my Vox Cambridge 30.

First thing I noticed was definition. There was a very amicable chime to the sound that was lacking before (and mind you, this isn't with new strings- although I know I should have replaced them...). It got me exactly where I wanted to go with this. There's a beautiful pluck to the pick contact and a marvelously clean tone. When going into distortion mode, I have a greater palette of tones to play with now. It's like adding a few more colours to the spectrum. My desire is to play around with a somewhat vintage tele/ British invasion tonality. I like being able to really thinned-out the sound for crunchy rhythm work, and to get a fuller, rounder feel for leads. It's all there folks. Very nicely.

Second thing was the absolute lack of noise! My main purpose in replacing the pickups to begin with was to get that wonderful 60 cycles plus every other available harmonic thereof out of my amplifier. These pickups, without question, quieted the thing down so as to make distortion boxes usable for recording without having to face a particular direction in the room! I can set everything to full gain (including the tube preamp channel on the Cambridge), and hear nothing when the strings are muted. No buzz, shortwave broadcasts, CB radios, or voices of the dear departed. Amazing!

For a meager investment, I have undoubtedly turned a mediocre instrument into something rather special. The 280's have expanded my range of versatility, and done it in such a manner as to have all of the sounds very well defined and of high quality. This is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of this particular guitar. And I look forward to many thousands of hours I know I'll be spending with it, learning to play with some semblance of ability, and having a lot of fun, which of course which is what it's all about!

Thanks very much for offering a high quality, well reseached and designed (and constructed) product without 'causing one to have to sell all of their other instruments to afford. Bill Lawrence pickups have my recommendation, hands down. You guessed it, Becky. I liked them!

I hope this decription isn't too over the top. I'm just very happy. Best to you and Bill.

Have a great weekend.




Put those pups in last weekend. They were exactly what I wanted. I can get the classic tele sound utilizing my switch that activates the L-280T neck and bridge pups alone. With that L-280S strat pickup in the middle, I can get most of the strat sounds. If wanted, still plenty of classic tele twang by increasing the tone control, but not the tex-mex twang the original pickups had that I did not like. (The Nashville tele comes with tex-mex pups; there is no other choice).

The pickups are of excellent quality. In my opinion, they have a fantastic sound and make this old plunker sound like a better player. I will recommend these pups to anyone looking for quality, sound and value. As a matter of fact, a friend has already contacted you about a pickup for his Gibson SG. Every aspect of dealing with you was A-1, and any pup that I may need in the future will come from you
F. G.



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