Early Summer 2013, Courtney invited Bill Lawrence to fly out for a visit with her. Bill carefully thought about it yet thanked her gratefully and said, “No, I have to stay and take care of your Mama. She needs me.”

I know that Bill & I were given an additional and precious four years together, partly because Bill's will to live and to take care of me was strong. Lately, he did request that I handle certain legal situations, but I felt that we had more important things to take care of, like each other and our health, the business and all our friends and supporters who often are our customers too. I told him, on many occasions, please don't be concerned. There are a certain criterion established in his behalf.

Because Bill Lawrence stood for human rights, he would demand that any association with his name to be ethical, especially in relation to the treatment of labor, giving workers fair and livable wages. Bill also brought to the table his enormous wealth of knowledge, in all areas of his work, so that even a struggling musician could obtain a Bill Lawrence high quality product at an affordable price.

I've studied a popular Georgia company that when the family expanded their operation, an old fashion, six day week schedule stayed in effect. Their philanthropy platform, not only for their workers but for the community too, maintained as well. These demands have not hurt their bottom line either.

Bill Lawrence, I will do my best to carry on your exacting standards and protect your worldwide legacy, according to your wishes.

Love, Becky

Please take a few minutes to listen. He's devoted 30 years of his life to this cause.via www.upworthy.com --


"What He Has To Say About Your Favorite Products And Brands Should Do More Than Worry. You've heard all about human rights and labor rights and child labor. But now it's 2013, so we've dealt with all that, right? Nope. At 3:50, he offers to show you a Chinese sweatshop down the street from Madison Square Garden. At 6:35, he says the problem is bigger than any one country can solve. By 10:30, he gets down to the one institution he believes can make a difference — if they use their power for good. I don't know that he has the best answer, but I do know that more ears need to hear about the problem. by Rajiv Narayan"