Updated October 23, 2007


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Our mascots, Missy and Wolfy
Update: Missy is living the ritzy Manhattan life with Courtney and Shannon these days.
Before she left to go live in the Big Apple to shop, have brunch and take daily walks in Central Park, she trained Wolfy, our All American Mutt, to take good care of us at the factory.


The Canadian Experience
A Blast from the Past!




Guitar and Pickup News from our Wilde Friend Mike Sudalnick in Wisconsin!

John is a proven BL WildeLife Member and we appreciate his continued support! Here's some information and a note about some of the guitars he builds:

Hi Becky, Here are pics of my latest creation as described in our telephone conversation. Pup set is BL-290TLE, 280SM,290TN. Body is chambered alder w/ a core stripe of Maple bounded by stripes of Koa. Top is 1/4" figured Maple with black binding over a piece of white & black purfling. Finish on body is clear nitro lacquer. Neck is clear poly.
Thanks for the great pickups,

John Prendergast