Bill and I have a strong bond with our customers because, I believe, Bill's altruistic nature to help musicians is engaging and unsurpassed in our industry. I am just happy to be here with him to help carry his message to you!

As you all know, our ordering system is not fancy so we've received many handwritten letters. I decided to post this most recent letter written by our Wilde Friend Mike from Wisconsin ( I've always admired Bill's beautiful handwriting skills, and Mike has a clear and direct penmanship that is easy to read too.) Mike first contacted Bill and me when we had just moved to California in 2003. I had some health problems, and Bill was under quite a bit of stress setting up the production for the SCN pickups at Fender so he sent Bill and me gifts to cheer us up! We recently received notice from Mike that his guitar project is completed, and we want to share his handwritten letter with the pics. Very nice job, Mike! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Best regards, Becky